Short Stories published in 1953 (page 3)

Out in the garden
Dans le jardin
Illustration by Freas

Cover by Hannes Bok
The commuter
Le banlieusard
Illustration by Bill Ashman

Cover by Gaylord Welker
The variable man
L'homme variable
Illustration by Edel

Cover by Civiletti
The king of the elves
Le roi des elfes
Illustration by Barth

Cover by Richard Powers
The great C
Le grand O
No illustration

Cover by Mel Hunter
The trouble with bubbles
Le problème des bulles
Illustration by Joseph R. Eberle

Cover by Ken Fagg
The impossible planet
La planète impossible
Illustration by Harold McCauley

Cover by Malcolm Smith
Planet for transients
Planète pour hôtes de passage
Some kinds of life (as by Richard Philips)
Tant qu'il y a de la vie
No illustration
Cover by Alex Schomburg

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